SSH Mailer

SSH Mailer sends bulk emails using ssh, providing you with a new method that you may not have experienced before. Previously, when conducting email marketing campaigns, you had to purchase SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) services to send emails to multiple recipients. However, the cost of SMTP services has been increasing, and the quality is not guaranteed. It is possible for SMTP servers to become inactive during the email sending process.

Therefore, SSH mailer is a method of sending emails using SSH instead of SMTP, offering much better quality. SSH has a longer usage time and is less prone to being blocked or becoming inactive compared to SMTP. Additionally, SSH is much more cost-effective, and you can purchase or use scanning software to find SSH connections.

I. What is SSH ?

SSH stands for Secure Shell. It is a cryptographic network protocol that provides secure remote access to servers and allows secure file transfers. SSH encrypts the data transmitted over the network, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. It is commonly used by system administrators and developers to securely connect to remote servers and perform various tasks, such as executing commands, managing files, and accessing resources. You can find more information about SSH in this article.

II. How to send email via SSH

To send emails via SSH, you can use the command-line interface and an SSH client to connect to a remote server and utilize a mail transfer agent (MTA) like Postfix or Sendmail. In addition, you can use our SSH Mailer software to send bulk emails efficiently and achieve optimal results.

III. SSH Mailer features
  • Send emails to multiple recipients without the need for SMTP.
  • SSH connector can work alongside other email marketing software such as Gammadyne and Advanced Mass Sender 4.3.
  • SSH provides better quality and cost-effectiveness compared to SMTP.
  • In addition to purchasing SSH, you can also scan for SSH using SSH Scanner
  • We have two versions available: a free version with limited features that you can download below, or you can contact us here to purchase the full-featured version.
IV. Interface

SSH Mailer sends bulk emails using ssh

III. See it in action!​
VI. SSH mailer free download


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