Lazy SSH Scanner 1.7.0

Lazy SSH Scanner 1.7.0 is one of the most popular SSH scanning software today. It gained widespread recognition on major SSH scanning software forums 5-10 years ago.

I. What is Lazy SSH Scanner ?

Lazy SSH Scanner is a software tool used for scanning SSH (Secure Shell) servers. It allows users to check the accessibility and availability of SSH servers by attempting to establish a connection and authenticate with them. The scanner can perform scans on a large scale, covering multiple countries and regions

Key features of the software include:

  • SSH scanning based on a predefined list of over 200 countries.
  • SSH scanning based on custom IP/IP ranges provided by the user.
  • Customizable username/password lists to suit individual preferences.

The software offers three scanning methods:

  • IP-only scanning, which focuses on SSH connections via IP addresses.
  • Username/password scanning, which verifies the validity of SSH connections using provided credentials.
  • IP/username/password scanning, which combines both IP and credential verification for comprehensive scanning.
II. Lazy SSH Scanner features
  • Multi-country SSH scanning (over 200 countries) and scanning based on pre-defined IP ranges.
  • Multi-threaded scanning with support for up to 2000 threads.
  • Three scanning methods: IP-only scanning, username/password scanning, and IP/username/password scanning.
  • Automatic saving of SSH scan results to a text file.
  • We have two versions available: a free version with limited features that you can download below, or you can contact us here to purchase the full-featured version.
III. Interface

lazy ssh

IV. See it in action!​
V. Lazy ssh scanner download


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