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SSH Manager

SSH Changer

SSH Changer is a software that allows for the automatic changing and rotation of SSH connections. If you’re looking for software that can automatically establish SSH connections, automatically switch to a new SSH connection after a certain period of time, and continuously loop SSH connections, then ‘SSH Changer’ is the

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SSH Multi Connector

The SSH Multi Connector lets you connect to multiple SSH servers at the same time using either the same port number or different port numbers. It automatically establishes connections quickly and efficiently. The software also supports checking for inactive SSH servers and automatically switches to other servers with better performance.

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SSH Mailer

SSH Mailer sends bulk emails using ssh, providing you with a new method that you may not have experienced before. Previously, when conducting email marketing campaigns, you had to purchase SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) services to send emails to multiple recipients. However, the cost of SMTP services has been

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