Sanmao Smtp Cracker

Sanmao SMTP Cracker 1.7.5 is a software used for cracking SMTP email accounts using a list of usernames and passwords. It is a popular tool along with ‘Ultra SMTP Scanner’ on SMTP software forums.

I. What is Sanmao smtp mail cracker ?

Sanmao SMTP Mail Cracker is a software tool designed for brute-forcing and cracking SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) credentials. It allows users to test the strength and security of SMTP servers by attempting to gain unauthorized access using various username and password combinations.

The tool is capable of performing dictionary attacks, where it systematically tries a list of commonly used usernames and passwords to gain access to SMTP servers. It also supports the use of proxy servers for anonymity and provides detailed logs of the cracking process.

II. Smtp cracker features
  • Crack a large number of SMTP emails using a provided list of usernames and passwords.
  • Test the validity of SMTP accounts by sending test emails.
  • Automatically save the results of SMTP cracking to a text file.
  • Retrieve additional information about the SMTP accounts, such as country, city, and server name.
  • Support the use of proxies to test SMTP in case the current IP address is blocked for SMTP ports.
  • Perform fast and efficient multi-threaded cracking of SMTP accounts.
  • Ability to run multiple instances of the software simultaneously to crack SMTP accounts.
  • We have two versions available: a free version with limited features that you can download below, or you can contact us here to purchase the full-featured version.

This software efficiently cracks and tests SMTP accounts, providing additional information such as country and city details. It supports SOCKS5 proxies for sending emails through SMTP.

With its multi-threaded scanning capability and support for running multiple instances simultaneously, the software offers improved efficiency. It also automatically saves the SMTP results to a text file for easy access and reference.

III. Interface

sanmao smtp cracker 1.7.5

IV. See it in action!​
V. Sanmao Smtp Mail Cracker free download


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