Ultra Email Sorter

Ultra Email Sorter based on providers and hosting, it allows you to filter customer email addresses based on their respective email providers and hosting. This email filtering software supports a wide range of popular email providers such as GoDaddy, Ionos, Namecheap, Rackspace, AWS, and many more. What sets this email filtering software apart is its unlimited capability to recognize and categorize emails from any email provider or hosting.

I. What is email sorting ?

Email sorting based on providers and hosting refers to the process of organizing and categorizing email messages according to their respective email service providers and hosting platforms.

When emails are received or sent, they carry information about the sender’s email service provider and the recipient’s email service provider. Email sorting based on providers and hosting involves analyzing this information to classify and group emails based on the specific email service providers and hosting platforms involved.

By sorting emails in this way, it becomes easier to manage and categorize email messages, especially in situations where you may have multiple email accounts from different providers or hosting platforms

II. What are email hosting providers ?

Email hosting providers are companies or services that offer the necessary infrastructure and resources to host and manage email accounts. They provide the technology and servers needed to store, send, and receive emails on behalf of individuals, businesses, or organizations. Some popular email hosting providers include Gmail (Google Workspace), Outlook.com (Microsoft 365), Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, and ProtonMail.

III. Sorter features
  • Organize emails based on their respective domains or hosting providers.
  • Achieve highly accurate sorting results that outperform other existing sorters in the market, with an accuracy rate of over 95%.
  • Our sorter performs comprehensive checks and employs multiple functions to ensure the validation and retrieval of the most precise mail provider and hosting information.
  • Summarize email provider list in a table report.
  • Auto-save sorter results to domain/hosting provider.

‘Ultra Email Sorter’ is equipped with an automatic update feature that keeps you up-to-date with the latest information on both existing and new email providers in the market. This eliminates the need to wait for updates or bug fixes from the developer.

In comparison to other email filtering software available, which can only identify a limited number of email providers, these software solutions require frequent updates to include a broader range of email types. However, once the software developer stops providing upgrades, their software becomes outdated and may result in a waste of money, compromising the quality of your email marketing campaigns. We have two versions available: a free version with limited features that you can download below, or you can contact us here to purchase the full-featured version.

IV. Interface

Ultra Email Sorter Based On Providers And Hosting

V. See it in action!​


VI. Email sorter download

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