Smad SSH Scanner

Smad SSH Scanner is a high-quality free SSH scanner that scans SSH from over 200 countries. If you want to find a large number of free SSH without spending money, ‘Smad SSH Scanner’ is a very useful software for you.

I. What is smad ssh scanner ?

Smad SSH Scanner is a software designed to scan and analyze SSH servers. It allows users to identify and assess the security vulnerabilities of SSH servers by performing various scanning techniques

II. Scanner features
  • Scanning SSH from over 200 available countries.
  • Scanning SSH based on a pre-defined list of IP addresses or IP ranges .
  • Three scanning methods: SSH IP scanning, username/password scanning, and IP/username/password scanning.
  • Automatic saving of SSH results to a text file in real-time.
  • Multi-threaded scanning support with up to 2000 threads.
  • We have two versions available: a free version with limited features that you can download below, or you can contact us here to purchase the full-featured version.

The software also allows you to scan SSH using your own list of IP addresses or IP ranges. It offers three scanning methods: scanning only IP addresses, scanning using username/password, and scanning using IP/username/password.

Smad Scan SSH supports fast multi-threaded scanning with up to 2000 threads. You can also run multiple instances of the software simultaneously for efficient scanning.

III. Interface

smad ssh scanner

IV. See it in action!​
V. Download


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Additionally, we also offer another fantastic software that is available for free. It is capable of scanning a large number of SMTP IPs at an incredibly fast speed of 8000-16000 threads per second. Download it here: Ultra SMTP Scanner


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